I’m slipping into a food coma pls come to my gooneral

Various Artists: Boring Ecstasy: The Bedroom Pop of Orchid Tapes →
i think they were always around but they changed the setting so you had to manually turn them on for each post and lots of ppl stopped

i thought that too but they didn’t work at all for a while like i found out about the setting then thought maybe it was just xkit being a butt

when did photo replies come back???

do i have to tag xfiles spoilers bc idk if everyone else is as oblivious to the show as i am like i don’t even know how it ends or anything everything is always new to me


(by b/j)

David Lynch and Isabella Rossellini photographed by Annie Leibovitz


David Lynch and Isabella Rossellini photographed by Annie Leibovitz

the thing about weed is that when i’m high all those things that stress me out about society don’t stress me out as much/at all & i don’t feel so guilty about everything because even though sober me knows that it’s not my fault & i’m working to be a better person, it’s a lot easier to handle/accept even if i’m just a little bit faded.

i’m just a big pissbaby the way i feel & how everything effects me is stupid i wish i was a normal dude who wasn’t trying to become a better person i wish i could just look at car magazines & froth over girls being sexualised for my own pleasure i wish i was just totally oblivious to the world around me i wish i wasn’t so fucking confused

i’m just gonna clean & dance to this new handsdown recording from his set at revs & hopefully i’ll start to feel better

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i miss partydude

hey that’s a new one & if you’re talking about when i did things a lot i still do a lot of partying i just don’t party with people who take photos

there will be lots of new fun photos of me in a couple of weeks tho bc i’m going to make sure i take photos of things myself